Our lab at the University of Calgary has a wide range of facilities for characterization and visualization of transport phenomena in microfluidic systems, as well as some macroscale set-ups. We are always willing to share our experimental expertise and equipment with collaborators to increase research impact and potential.

Surface Tensiometer

Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscope

Using Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy a true quantification of local system parameters such as pH, ionic concentration and electric potential can be obtained. This equipment allows for the measurement of the Fluorescence Lifetime of dyes, which is independent of the dye concentration, but depends on the environment in which the dye is present. Our Lambert - Instruments FLIM equipment allows us to do detailed measurements on the influence of these system parameters on the transport phenomena and vice versa.


We have a DV3TLV Brookfield viscometer available for characterization of viscosity of the different fluids that we use in our experimental systems.


Conductivity Cell

Plasma Cleaner